Friday, January 25, 2008

Farmer's Market in the Winter - Get Your Hot Grapple!

I just got back from the Union Square Farmer's Market--one of my favorite foodie venues--and found a new hot beverage that comes from the cider family. It's called Grapple and it combines the flavors of apples and grapes--I know, I know, so obvious! Excited by this new combo, I got a cup and liked what I tasted--gentle and soothing with a hint of grape, it hit the right spot and warmed me right up.

Where to Find Grapple?
Stone Arch Farms on 16th and Union Square West. $1 - per cup
In addition to Grapple, they also offer Spiced Red Grape juice, which I can't wait to try next. Stone Arch also sells various pre-packaged baked goods like gingerbread, brownies, oatmeal cookies of all sorts...and others!

There's More..."the Focaccia Works"
Something else I got at the market was a gorgeous loaf of focaccia bread--just feast your eyes on this picture! Don't you just want to devour that? You can find this beauty at the Bread Alone stand--an organic bakery from the Catskills. They offer many interesting, rustic bread options like a brioche loaf, challah, French sourdough, peasant bread--I think you get the point.

"The Focaccia Works" looked appealing to me--I loved the big hunks of onion on top and the calamata olives found inside. It's on the expensive side--$4.75 but I think it pays to support local farmers, especially in cold winter months!

Check out these finds--and you never know what other unique things you'll discover!

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