Sunday, November 18, 2007

Indigo - Fun Sports Bar/Cozy Hot Spot

Indigo - 28-50 31st Street, Astoria NY 11102
N/W Train to 30th Avenue

It's true that Indigo doesn't look like much from the outside--to be quite honest, it looks a bit gimmicky and ordinary. But just like many establishments in Astoria, what awaits you inside is a modern, sleek and welcoming hangout.

The front of this restaurant/bar is filled with loud and crazy sports buffs, chomping on big burgers and sipping full glasses of their favorite brew. Even the bartenders join the fun and wear sports jerseys on football Sunday, when you can catch all the games. But if you walk a few steps towards the back, you'll find a lovely--and quiet--garden room filled with plants, lanterns, candles and a cozy fireplace. While I've only seen this in daylight, I heard that it's lit up at night, providing an especially charming atmosphere.

My friends have been forever raving about the brunch here so I finally gave it a try. And after my experience, all that I can say is, I can't wait to go back next week! The brunch was point-blank awesome--and in my book ranks as one of the best in Astoria. I ordered a large Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries and bananas on top served with Vermont maple syrup--yum! The waffle was fluffy, airy and not too big to finish. My friend Margot got challah french toast with bacon and orange flavored butter--this last ingredient really made this dish and I've never tasted something so savory and sweet in one. I've yet to try Indigo's burgers and sandwiches but judging from neighboring plates, they looked great and were thoroughly devoured.

Service and Cost:
The service here is efficient and it doesn't make you feel rushed. After we finished our meal, my friend and I chatted comfortably for another half hour without interruptions. Although Indigo's brunch price can't beat cafes such as Grand or Ovelia, it's still pretty reasonable with a $12.95 prix fix for a main dish and a choice of 2 drinks.


  1. This place looks realy cool.

  2. ok...this place pretends to be a sports bar/lounge BUT LET ME TELL YOU...if you get too excited over a sporting event THEY TELL YOU TO SHUT UP...I know, I couldn't believe it either!

    Last night, 11/13/08, biggest JETS game of the season vs. the Patriots: they had every TV with the game on, sound blasting and when the JETS scored a touchdown we cheered...obviously right?? Aren't you supposed to cheer when your team scores, while you're in a sports bar?? apparently not...some waiter comes up to us and basically tells us to shut up...really nasty about it too!

    Keep in mind, we live around the corner and we're regulars here...NOT ANYMORE WE'RE NOT!!

    Sorry to go on and on, just thought I'd let people know...I was really disappointed.

  3. Wow, I'm really surprised to hear that. We've been going there every weekend for the past couple of weeks and my husband is VERY loud when his team scores. He didn't get scolded for it. Maybe just the waiter was mean? If you can, sit in the middle section on the left--that part is waited on by a really nice man named Eliot. He will hook you up. I promise!

  4. PS Alex, love your site. Just bought the golden dotty earrings from you!



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