Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Savory Homemade Nibbles at Sterling Catering

Paying my weekly visit to the Hollywood Farmer's Market last weekend, I sought out some freshly baked treats to serve to a guest at our home that morning.  There was lots to choose from no doubt but my attention was quickly taken by the Sterling Catering stand, which boasted both sweet and savory treats.

About Sterling Catering:
Based out the NW on Everett Street, Sterling has both a retail location as well as a catering business.  The Hollywood Farmer's market is an interesting choice for a retail extension, as I imagine it helps out with awareness for their catering business.  I know that I'll probably look into it if I'm looking to order treats for an office party or a special occasion.  

Specializing in sophisticated comfort food, both sweet and savory, Sterling is the brainchild of owner, Joe Sterling who has a good reputation in Portland--working at well known establishments such as Paley's Place, Bloom Catering and Artemis Food.

Breakfast Treats:
Opting for something savory, I chose two orders of the vegetable galettes and a tomato basil quiche.  Both were excellent options and were the perfect thing to share with our guest.  The inside of the galettes were packed to the gills with seasonal veggies such as corn, cherry tomatoes, onion, fresh herbs and thin slices of potato.  Not only were these filling but the flaky dough that surrounded its contents served as the perfect vessel.

The quiche too was delightful, featuring a beautifully smooth egg custard filling and once again bejeweled with those sweet little cherry tomatoes.  Bits of chunky feta cheese gave it a hint of tang, which was welcome.

Costs aren't cheap but don't break the bank either at $2.50/piece.  So for $7.50, I'd say you'll have enough to feed 3 people, plus a little left over.

3 Mmmms

Sterling Catering at the Hollywood Farmer's Market - NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenue, Portland OR 

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