Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Delicious Experience at Basil Seasonal Dining

Spending this past weekend in the Monterey Peninsula, Dan and I went back to one of our favorite towns in the area called Carmel-by-the-Sea.  We've been there about two years ago and the picturesque surroundings impressed us so much that we were eager to come back and enjoy a lovely brunch yet again at Basil Seasonal Dining.  

Lucky for us, Basil Seasonal Dining serves brunch on Sundays and that's consequently when we decided to pop in.  I made a quick Open Table reservation, which worked out beautifully.  Upon arriving, we noticed that the majority of the clientele brunched al fresco and because most of those seats were taken, we sat inside.  This was more than OK with us, and we even chose the same table as last time, just for nostalgia's sake.

Although I can't say that Basil's Sunday brunch menu is extensive, the items that are featured on it are enticing and excellent.  The fact that the menu is so focused helped us choose quickly and we didn't regret our options one bit.

Poached Egg Sliders - This was something so unique and delicious and consequently featured on their menu's cover that it completely piqued my interest.  The portion looked small but was totally filling, featuring fluffy eggs, sauteed fresh, local spinach and a lemony hollandaise sauce that brought everything together in harmony.  Even the soft and slightly warmed up potato bun was perfect, soaking up all that eggy goodness.

Basil Egg Burger - Wowza...this thing looked impressive and tasted equally so.  Dan was very happy with it, savoring the juicy, grass fed beef, the runny egg on top and slivers of slightly tart heirloom tomato.  Once again, the bread was excellent, consisting of a buttery brioche that was the perfect vehicle for all those savory ingredients.

Bloody Mary - Dan ordered a classic morning cocktail, which was on the spicy side - dressed with lots of horseradish and hot sauce.  A topping of celery and olives completed its classic look and overall this cocktail passed the muster.

Service and Cost:
Just like last time, the service at Basil Seasonal Dining impressed us.  Not only was our waiter completely knowledgeable about everything, he told us more about the seasonal ingredients, accommodated all our specific wishes and then some.  

Costs are on the higher side at about $12-$14 for entrees but totally worth every penny, considering the delicious experience you get each time.  I'd be back in a heartbeat and think it can very well be in the cards again.

3 Mmmms

Basil Seasonal Dining - San Carlos between Ocean & 7th, Carmel, CA 93921

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