Monday, May 11, 2015

Olympic Provisions is now Olympia Provisions - Find Out Why

While visiting the Hollywood Farmer's Market this weekend, Dan and I noticed a strange sign that caught our eye.  Titled Olympia Provisions, it looked like what we Portlandians know as Olympic Provisions and as we approached, we noticed they were serving all their typical goods.  Totally confused, we approached the friendly folks working there this weekend, only to find out that because of a trademark issue, the well-known restaurant and meat distributor has now officially changed its name to Olympia Provisions.  

Investigating the issue further, I noticed that their website is still very vague, stating simply "new name, same meat." For the time being, the labels on their products will remain the same but eventually everything will be rebranded.  Turns out that the offended party was the International Olympic Committee (yes, as in the IOC that has nothing to do with food and everything to do with the Olympic Games). Can you believe it? time you see the Olympia Provisions sign, you'll know what's up.  I hope you keep supporting this awesome local business that I'd love to see thrive further after this not so small hurdle.  Good luck, Olympia Provisions - we're behind you!

Olympia Provisions - 107 SE Washington Street, Portland OR 97215


1632 NW Thurman Street, Portland OR 97209

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