Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cafe du Monde Beignets Made at Home

A recent neighborly get-together helped prompt the creation of these little beignets you see above.  And while I don't like to fry too much in the kitchen, I thought a little weekend soiree called for some indulgence so I decided to fry these babies up, using the
Cafe Du Monde
beignet mix, generously gifted to us by Mo & So.

For those of you who've been to New Orleans already can vouch for the fact that these are the real deal and they're known to be the best beignets in the country.  While I haven't been to the location myself, I was grateful for the mix and couldn't wait to try it.

Given its simplicity of ingredients, meaning that all you had to use was the mix and water, they're pretty easy to pull together.  The only tricky thing is their consistency which isn't too solid so it's tricky getting them off your work surface and into the hot oil.  Once we managed to do this, all worked out fine and produced the rustic-looking treats you see above.  They're far from square shaped but proved to be delicious, as evidenced by the empty serving plate at the end of the party. 

If you'd like to make them too, here's the Cafe du Monde method. Enjoy!

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