Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trying the Other King (of Souvlaki)

Back in Astoria this week for a very happy family occasion as well as for the Best of Astoria party, I'm surely taking advantage of the food scene.  Things I especially miss about my old nabe is the delicious Greek food, and yummy street meat qualifies.  

In the mood to have
King of Falafel's legendary falafel orbs, I was sad to see that he wasn't at his usual Broadway and 30th street corner.  Not really sure why the King was MIA on this gorgeously sunny day, except for the fact that Easter might've had something to do with it,
I walked over to 31st Avenue and 31st Street to the King of Souvlaki instead.  

I must say I felt a pang of guilt to abandon my one true street meat king, but desperate times called for desperate measures.  From afar, I saw that the king's Souvlaki brethren was open for business so off I went to try his goods, curious to see if it would live up to expectation.

Deciding to go simple and classic, I chose the traditional pork souvlaki sticks as well as some chicken souvlaki as well.  Adding an order of homemade tatziki sauce was a wise choice, serving as a refreshing dipping sauce for all that protein.

Overall, the meat was excellent and definitely hit the spot during our mid-afternoon hunger.  The pork was my favorite, as it was juicy and boasted a nice char flavor when you bit into it.  Happy to see that my hunch about the tzatziki was right, it was a pleasure to dip into and after finishing my meat, I just kept eating it straight out of the container.  Not ashamed to admit it, no!

Service and Cost:
Even though the food here was excellent, I must say that the service at the King of Souvlaki simply can't compare to the King of Falafel.  The people who work the truck are nice but not overly boisterous nor have the charima and charm of of the King of Falafel crew.

Costs are competitive and set me back $15 for 4 souvlaki sticks and a large container of tzatziki.  We had leftovers of the latter that my mom and I gladly took home.

2.5 Mmmms

King of Souvlaki - Corner of 31st Street and 31st Avenue, Astoria

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