Monday, April 20, 2015

Coco Donuts Delivers Simple Yumminess

Recently starting a new job in Downtown Portland, which I love, it's also an opportunity to explore new eateries. Donuts are of course a great excuse to get up from your desk, which is why I was psyched when my co-worker Annie suggested we try Coco Donuts on SW 6th Ave.

Located in the busy Pioneer Square area of Downtown Portland, Coco Donuts is strategically situated to enjoy great foot traffic.  Even though its location is small, the storefront is bright, cheery and noticeable with a candy pink logo.  The interior also doesn't disappoint, with a whimsy pink and brown decor and a few eye-grabbing baking tools that are displayed for their customers' viewing pleasure.  Cute as the shop may be, the piece-de-resistance is of course the rich display of freshly baked donuts, welcoming you as you approach the counter. 

Though there were many options to choose from, many of them on the more traditional side, I opted for a lavender glazed donut while Annie tried the old fashioned as well as their apple fritter.

Lavender Donut - While it was the lavender glaze that drew me to this confection, the aspect that actually stood out was the airy donut dough.  You could feel just how fresh it as upon first bite, and the interior wasn't overly sweet, which I appreciated.  Sure, the lavender glaze was tasty but it was like any other sugary glaze, not giving me much indication of lavender flavor.  Next time, I'll probably just go with something more traditional like a chocolate glazed.

Other Donuts - Annie generously offered up her donuts as well and I loved both the old fashioned and the apple fritter. The latter stood out more with a perfectly crispy crust and little chunks of soft apples that gave it that apple-y goodness.  Annie agreed too, and we kept breaking off bite-sized pieces, making a serious dent in this hefty donut.

Service and Cost:
Welcomed by the friendly staff, we felt well taken care of.  The man who helped us had a cheery disposition and was happy to get our business.  I'd definitely consider this place again, especially if I'd want to bring a dozen donuts to work for example.

Costs are very competitive at just $1.10 - $1.65 per donut or $12 per dozen.  You really can't go wrong here!

3 Mmmms

Coco Donuts - 814 SW 6th Avenue, Portland OR 97204

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