Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gluten Free Banana Fritters Complete a Sweet Deal

After a lovely dinner courtesy of our friend Sonya, I thought to make a homemade dessert that was inspired by my Luxurious Eats Pinterest board.  Recently spotting this awesome (and easy) recipe for banana fritters, I decided to go for it and use all the ingredients I already had in my kitchen.  Once again, I substituted with gluten free Bob's Red Mill flour I had on hand, and the effect was lighter, allowing us to polish more of these babies. I'd say that a large banana yields about 7-8 fritters so you can gauge that way.  

The recipe for this dish came from a Polish blog called Bayaderka.  While they don't provide English instructions for this dish, you can simply cut and paste them into Google Translate and it'll do the trick.  You can also improvise and substitute the ingredients of your liking - for example, I omitted the coconut yogurt in this recipe, which I simply didn't have.  Also, I added in a dipping sauce of slightly melted peanut butter that you see above, and it was delicious.  Hope you like it and create your own inventive variations.

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