Sunday, March 22, 2015

Double Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with a Surprise

A few weekends ago, Dan and I headed to Bend, Oregon with friends, Moses and Sonya and had ourselves a lovely cabin weekend.  That weekend was no doubt filled with tons of great eats, as the house we stayed in came with a fully equipped kitchen, so we were ready to cook our hineys off.

Splitting up the meals each day, both Dan and I as well as Mo & So came prepared with a few recipes and food combinations for dinner and brunch.  Tackling the second night's dinner, Dan grilled some beautiful steaks while I made double stuffed sweet potatoes filled not only with the sweet potato flesh but also sauteed shrimp that added an element of sophistication and surprise.  A few other tasty ingredients such as cheddar cheese, scallions and a little bit of bacon went a long way into forming the beauties you see above.

Here's the recipe I loosely followed, courtesy of no other than Paula Deen.  Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to substitute with regular potatoes too if that's what you have on hand.

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