Friday, February 6, 2015

Unexpected Deliciousness at Staccato Gelato

Before we went out last night to see a fun live band in the neighborhood, we happened upon Staccato Gelato, a cute little gelato shop that satisfied our sweet tooth.  Lucky for Dan, they had coffee too, which he had a hankering for.  Here's the low down:

Located in the "deep South" of the North East, as some Portlandians say, you can find Staccato Gelato on NE 28th Avenue, near lots of other enticing eateries and shops.  We stopped in for a quick coffee at first, but then got tantalized by the gelato, which boasted simple but delicious sounding flavors.

The space itself is lovely and very colorful, proving also that it's a kid friendly spot.  There's a pretty mural of a tree house that looks like it came from a Dr. Seuss book, and all the seating furniture is colorful too.  Since we popped in kind of late, we mostly saw adults inside but I imagine this place is popular with children and parents during the day.

I like that the gelato selection wasn't overwhelming and allowed me to choose rather quickly.  Spotting a dark chocolate/orange combination, I thought it sounded indulgent and refreshing at the same time, so I decided to get it.

Chocolate/Orange Gelato - Getting my gelato scoop in a kiddie sized cup proved to be a good idea, as it was very rich and a little went a long way.  The chocolate was semi sweet and of really great quality, allowing the orange essence to also shine with each bite.  Even though we're in February and this was a tasty flavor to enjoy, I'd expect it to be even more perfect in the summertime.

Aside from all the yummy gelato, Staccato is also known for their freshly baked donuts and donut holes, the latter which they still had in the shop yesterday.  Even though I didn't try one, I loved the look of the flavors such as chocolate coconut, prince of darkness, cardamom, honey glazed, fairy princess and more.  The donuts are made fresh just on Friday - Sunday, so make sure you remember that before getting your heart set on them.

Service and Cost:
True to its local neighborhood vibe, the service at Staccato Gelato is casual and friendly. The staff lets you try different gelato flavors, as is customary and appreciated by the patrons.

Costs are moderate and include $2.50 for a kid sized scoop, $3 for a small scoop, $3.75 for a medium and $4.50 for a large.

3 Mmmms

Staccato Gelato - 232 NE 28th Avenue, Portland OR 97232

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