Friday, February 27, 2015

My Intro to Bostock at Ville Velo Bake Shop

In a very unexpected stroke of luck, Dan and I happened upon a tiny little bakery called Ville Velo today during our afternoon walk.  Catching them almost at their closing time, I had just a few minutes to pop in and admire their pastries with a promise to come back another day.  However, what followed was a wonderful act of kindness that's inspired me to keep that promise - and then some.


Set in a corner storefront in Prescott Village shopping center on NE Prescott Street and 15th Avenue, Ville Velo is easy to miss but once you spot it, don't pass it up.  The space inside is teeny but quaint, boasting a full counter of delicious sweet and savory goodies and a very friendly staff.  There's a few spots to sit inside and linger or you can take your pastries outside and situate yourself at one of the tables out there (and get an Extracto coffee while you're at it).

Everything looked really interesting and delicious, but one item that was particularly highlighted was something called
Bostock.  I've never heard of it, but it's a French delicacy made of day-old brioche bread and tricked up with a few delectable ingredients.  Even though it sounded delightful, I didn't have money with me and was there more for exploration, so I promised to come back and try it another time.

As luck would have it, I noticed the owner of Ville Velo carrying a little plate of that stuff while Dan and I sat outside and automatically assumed it was for me (presumptuous, I know). While this wasn't the case, the nice man came back with another au-gratis piece just for us that totally melted my heart (and generated the impetus for this blog post).

Bostock - As I already hinted, this is a rich, bready dessert that's layered with frangipane (almond filling), orange rind and sliced almonds to boot.  Each bite is a buttery delight and tastes almost bruleed.  Served slightly warm, it's an excellent treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee and a perfect thing to share with a partner, which is exactly what Dan and I did.

Service and Cost:
It's all things excellent in this department, as the folks here are generous, sweet and really gifted at what they do.  I had a peek at the prices while I was in there and they look really reasonable.  Needless to say, I'll be back for more goodies, and I hope you will too.

3 Mmmms

Ville Velo Bake Shop - 1465D NE Prescott Street, Portland OR 97211

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