Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies for Valentine's Day

You may be surprised to see I've been cooking with pumpkin lately, as it's not exactly in season, but I had a reason to use it the other day for a project and decided to recycle the flesh and seeds for further use.  Using the seeds to create a spicy mix, I also wanted to use the flesh for something sweet and thus created these awesomely cakey chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.

Using a simple recipe from from Food Network, I combined the pumpkin flesh with a standard chocolate chip batter and added in chunky semi-sweet chocolate as well as some super dark and salty Moonstruck chocolate.  The result was fantastic and really soft on the inside, which was perfectly enjoyed with a tall glass of milk or coffee.

Hope it inspires you to make something similar for V-day or any other day.
 Here's the recipe for these chocolate chip pumpkin treats - enjoy!

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