Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crema Offers Delicious Gluten Free Breakfast Treats

After leaving Kansas City, we headed to Denver to visit our friend Dave.  Another great part of our journey, we truly enjoyed our time in the Mile High City and also tapped into its many culinary treats.  Coffee was a big part of our experience, needless to say, and the following coffee shop called Crema made a big impression.

Situated in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Crema rests on the corner of Larimer and 29th Street.  The area feels a bit industrial and so does Crema itself (from the outside), but once you step in, a cozy coffee-house vibe overtakes you.  I love all the local art and exposed bricks as well as the irregularly shaped seating area, consisting of a few different rooms, some of which offer great light.  We noticed quite a few people camping out with their laptops, proving that Crema is indeed a good gathering spot and a place where creative ideas get made.

Coffee and Food:
It must be said that the coffee flowed freely and Dan and I ordered the Ethiopian French Press brewed that morning.  It was wonderfully potent and rich in fruity undertones.  I also loved that we were offered free refills, which went a long way, as we took full advantage.

Sweet Potato Waffle - Dan's eyes immediately settled on this item because it's gluten free.  As for me, I always appreciate a good waffle so I went for it too.  I must say that this was a true highlight of our experience, as we received the beautifully golden creation you see above.  The exterior boasted a crunchy texture, while the inside was soft, pillowy and slightly sweet from the sweet potato.  A topping of candied walnuts and a hazelnut whipped cream that sent me to heaven sealed this already sweet deal.

Service and Cost:
Everyone was super nice, and exemplified a laid back attitude.  The free coffee refill offer was a big bonus and our waffles came out piping hot in a matter of a few short minutes.

Costs are affordable and downright surprising for all this gourmet goodness with the coffee being just $2 and the waffle a mere $6.

3 Mmmms

Crema  Coffee House - 2862 Larimer Street, Denver CO 80205

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