Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blue Star Donuts - Magnificent Gift from Stumptown

Dan brought me something very delicious today on his way back from Portland, which made my day.  Donuts!  But not just any kind of donuts, Blue Star Donuts to be exact, which are gourmet delicious pastries made from a traditional brioche recipe but that come in several non-traditional flavors.  

Bringing me back not one but two of these beauties, Dan and I devoured them after a delicious Peruvian dinner.  Here's what you can expect if you happen to find yourself in Portland and in the search of something sweet and delectable:

Lemon/Lime Meringue
- While I wasn't initially impressed by the look of this particular donut, when I cut it in half and noticed the silky lemon/lime filling oozing out, I knew it was special.  Biting into it, I instantly fell in love with the cakey (but still airy) dough and the smooth and tangy lemon/lime curd that was prepared with sophistication and clear expertise.  Dan had half of it and agreed that this was very unique.

- At first glance, this donut looked a lot more appealing, as it glistened with a light red raspberry glaze and some seeds that indicated its freshness and authenticity.  The inside was once again light and fluffy and almost resembled the layers in a cronut.  Truth be told that this was an equally delicious donut, but I didn't get too much in the way of bourbon and basil but definitely felt the distinct notes of raspberry. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't order this one again, as I like funkier varieties, but if you like this type of flavor profile you will enjoy it.

Service and Cost:

According to Dan, the service was great and typical of Portlandian hospitality.  Everyone is free with conversation and the whole place has a very communal friendly vibe.

Costs come at a premium in Portland but compared to NY prices are downright cheap, ranging from $2.75 - $3.50 for these well executed gourmet donuts.

3 Mmmms

Blue Star Donuts - 3753 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland OR 97227

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