Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mar’s Oyster Bar - A Magnificent Po Boy It Was!

After a somewhat long hiatus, my We Heart Astoria colleagues and I met at Mar’s Oyster Bar for a team meeting and dinner. We always look for an excuse to visit Mar’s, as it never fails to disappoint and I was personally looking forward to trying something new that I haven’t had before. That little something ended up being the fried oyster po boy and it was fabulous. Let me tell you more…

Fried Oyster Po Boy – Served on a shiny, soft, sourdough bun, this sandwich was a thing of beauty, as it was both bountiful and colorful. It was evident that great produce was used, especially the tomatoes which were juicy and crimson red.

The stars of the show however were the oysters of course, as they were meaty, delicious and fried to perfection. Accentuated by a lemony mayo, the flavors in this sandwich were just right, reminding me of something I’d have on vacation. Even my dining companions remarked at how much I seemed to enjoy the sandwich, as I nearly licked the plate clean. You can see that the sandwich also comes with a little piece of grilled corn on the cob and Mar’s’ super crispy herb fries, which always induce major yum action.

Rocky Point Oysters – Not to be forgotten, Meg and I also shared a half dozen of these meaty Rocky Point Oysters. They were absolutely delicious and as fresh as can be. While they didn’t need much in terms of accouterments, a modest spritz of lemon rounded out the flavors even more. At happy hour prices of $1/oyster, these were a great deal and I highly recommend them.

Chocolate Torte – Although we were pretty full, Mackenzi advised that we shouldn’t ignore dessert, especially the dark chocolate ganache torte. While it was small in size, the flavor went a long way. I like that it was served chilled and that the dark chocolate was interspersed with bits of white and a little sprig of fried thyme on top. Leave it to Mar’s to give you something unexpected and interesting.

Service and Cost:
The overall service and attention we received on that evening was great, as the staff was most attentive but at the same time chill. They’ve really perfected this at Mar’s and I like to see that after about a year, they’re holding their own.

Costs are pretty high for a neighborhood joint, but you know you’re getting great quality and a fabulous atmosphere that’s hard to beat. For the three of us, including a separate entrée for everyone, apps, a few drinks and dessert, we paid about $65/person including tax and tip.

3 Mmmms

Mar's Oyster Bar - 34-21 34th Street, Astoria NY 11106

N/Q Train to Broadway or R Train to Steinway St

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