Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dynamite Halusky at The Barn

On Friday eve, a few of us headed over to The Barn to celebrate my brother Peter's 28th bday.  I've always wanted to try this place out, even when it was Club 21 but the opportunity never arose until now.  Even though this laid back bar now serves more of an American style menu of drinks and food, there's still a secret Slovak menu that's up for grabs, which is what we tapped into.

Located on the corner of 21st Street and 30th Avenue, The Barn is a chilled out place to hang out even though it happens to be a little remote.  The inside is long and spacious with a sizable bar right as you come in and an attractive outdoor garden out back that sits about 30+ people.  This is where we sat and totally dug the temperate weather, the candle lit setting and the attentive service.

As I already mentioned, we were aware of The Barn's secret Slovak menu, and I made sure to ask our waiter (in Slovak) just what was on it.  Happy to learn that my favorite halusky (aka potato spaetzle) were amongst the highlights, I ordered a portion of bryndzove halusky (spaetzle with sheep's milk cheese) with bacon on top.

Used to the thick halusky at
Koliba, I was excited to see that The Barn made a lighter version that were thinner and airier.  The bryndza was excellent too, with a distinct smoky flavor that made me think of being in the Slovak countryside.  A crispy, juicy sprinkling of bacon and vibrant green onions on top completed the dish and made it an overall standout.  Sorry Koliba, but I think this one hit it out of the park!

Service and Cost:
Impressed by the attentive service at The Barn, our drinks flowed liberally and the food came out in good time.  I think there was a little bit of confusion with our first order of halusky but after all was clarified, the dish came out in just a few short minutes and all was forgotten amongst the delicious food coma.

Costs are affordable with the halusky setting us back $13 and most beers and cocktails being between $6 - $10.

3 Mmmms

The Barn - 30-09 21st Street, Astoria NY 11102
N/Q Train to 30th Avenue

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