Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Niche French Foods from Antibes and Marseilles

A big highlight of my recent trip to the South of France was being able to taste indigenous local foods that I don't see in these parts of the world.  Here are two intriguing bites characteristic of Antibes and Marseilles that I thought were fun to look at and memorable to eat.

Chalice Bread at Veziano Bakery -
One of the more highly recommended bakeries in town, I was eager to try them for their famous pissaladiere but the popularity of this dish prevented me from doing so.  True to my unrelenting spirit, leaving empty handed wasn't an option, especially as I caught a glimpse of their unique chalice bread, pictured above. 

Wondering what a chalice bread actually is? So was I for that matter, as I asked the proprietress about it in my broken French.  Somewhere along the way, things got lost in translation and I still didn't know what I was getting into while handing over 2 Euro for this truly unique loaf.

Dan and I marveled at its shape and used it for some comical photo opps, such as the one above.  Essentially, the chalice bread was just a tasty variety of sourdough, which was executed perfectly.  Crusty on the outside and spongy on the inside, it was the perfect vessel to enjoy all those Provencal olives and tapenade we bought at the market that day.  Plus, the shape is just totally bawler.  I highly recommend it.

Boulangerie Veziano - 2 Rue de la Pompe, 06600 Antibes, France
+33 4 93 34 05 46

The Classic Navette Cookie at Four Des Navettes
- Once stepping foot in the charming city of Marseille, we quickly learned about this regional treat that has historical significance.  A type of cookie called the Navette, which means boat, it's been produced since Mary Magdalene made a voyage to Marseille.  

While these pale little logs may not seem appetizing, they offer an interesting flavor profile and are particularly great when enjoyed with a luscious cappuccino such as the one you see here.  Dan named them the French "Lincoln Log," which I totally disagree with.  While the texture is hard, it's meant to be dipped into a warm liquid such as a coffee or tea and savored during breakfast time.  I especially love the essence of orange water that's very distinct in each bite.  We were lucky to stumble upon Four Des Navettes, which is an institution in the community, bearing the pride of many awards since its 233 years of being in business.

Four Des Navettes - 136 Rue Sainte 13007 Marseille, France
+33 04 91 33 32 12

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