Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Astoria Taco Greatness at Tacos Jalisco

On my way home from an awesome Queens Salon networking event hosted by Mackenzi, I was in the mood for something hearty that would satisfy my dinner craving.  Immediately thinking to visit the King of Falafel, I was sadly discouraged after seeing the long line.

Saved by a friendly taco truck called Tacos Jalisco, an awesomely serendipitous experience followed.  

About Tacos Jalisco:

On most days, this cheery red taco truck is located on the corner of 31st Street and Broadway.  Headed up by a two person team, it's great to see that food is made to order, exemplifying also that they use fresh, quality ingredients.  I was pleasantly surprised that you can order from them on Seamless and that unlike at other food trucks, you can also pay with your credit card.

- Aside from all the taco options, there were tons of other enticing things on the menu such as enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, tortas, cemitas and various platters.  However, I still chose to go with the truck's namesake specialty and got two tacos, including the pescado with fried tilapia and the carbon with beef.  Both were awesome and very different, the fish taco enveloped in two soft corn tortillas, while the carbon was served on a white flour tortilla.

In terms of flavor, both of these delivered but in very different ways.  The carbon was more hearty, evoking a comfort food quality while the fish tacos were light, fresh and also packed generously with lots of fish.  They smelled absolutely delicious on my ride home, making it hard to resist devouring them then and there on the subway.

Service and Cost

Loving the simplicity and transparency of the service, I was once again impressed.  As mentioned, everything is cooked on the spot, which helps to instill confidence in the food.

Prices are competitive at just $2.50-$3 per taco, and for quite a generous portion too.  I was full after polishing two off.

3 Mmmms

Tacos Jalisco - 31st Street and Broadway, Astoria.

N/Q Train to Broadway


  1. They are opening a brick and mortar location in the old Got empanadas spot on 34th avenue!

  2. Love this truck! They even deliver now.



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