Friday, May 23, 2014

Alpha Donuts - Queens Donut Done Right

It's no secret that donuts are one of my favorite foods, which is why it's sad that there's a shortage of places to find them in Queens.  That's why you can probably imagine my excitement when I spotted Alpha Donuts the other night, while at the Taste of Sunnyside

Described as a "hole in the wall" on Yelp, I'd totally agree with this assessment, but I also think it's charming, and nostalgic.  Completely old fashioned and simple, what you see is what you get at Alpha, including a classic donut offering in front of the house and a little diner-type restaurant in the back.  My friend Emily and I noticed a few people sitting in the back, relaxing and enjoying some greasy spoon style of food.

An older gentleman serves up the donuts and he seemed to be the proprietor of the place. Overall, the vibe was totally no frills yet still comforting and dependable - a total blast from the past.

Emily and I both got a donut and went with pretty traditional choices.  I went for the dark toasted coconut, while Emily chose a classic chocolate glazed donut.  While the latter wasn't overly impressive and was on the dry side, my donut was fluffy, light and boasted a generous amount of sugar frosting with toasted coconut stuck along the sides.  It was anything but fancy, but executed well, especially when it came to texture.  I can see myself having one of these at breakfast and not feeling weighed down. Yum!

Service and Cost:
As I already mentioned, Alpha seems to be a one man show and that man knows what he's doing.  While he won't wear a smile while he's doing it, you can tell he has years of experience and deep donut knowledge that trumps us all.

Costs are super cheap and in the crazy Cronut world we live in a $1 for a donut is a complete steal.  Score!  

2 Mmmms

Alpha Donuts - 45-16 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside NY 11104
7 Train to 46th Street

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