Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let's Eat Red Lentil Soup

It's cold again, which means we're craving warm comforting foods, making it the perfect time to eat soup.  I love making soups since they make great left overs and are good for freezing and saving for later.

This Turkish red lentil number
came from my Savory Food Pinterest board, by way of One Girl in the Kitchen blog, which is an endearing food blog that's written in English and Italian.  This particular recipe happens to be in Italian so I got to practice my translations skills a bit - but you can also use Google translate :)

Dan and I loved this hearty, delicious soup that boasts a little bit of zing from the fresh ginger and a hint of spice from the paprika, cumin and curry powder.  Not much salt is needed, as a slice of fresh lime adds an injection of zest and freshness.  Hope you enjoy it on its own or with a big piece of crusty bread.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup, courtesy of One Girl in the Kitchen Blog.

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