Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crown and Goose – Classic English Pub with a Culinary Twist

Something that simply can’t be missed when being in London is visiting a classic British pub. Even though some may feel a little grungy and the opposite of “posh” they’re a lot of fun, and their divey feel is very much a part of their charm.

A few of us from work visited one of these classic pub establishments called the Crown and Goose, in honor of our colleague Kylie’s going away party. She’s getting married soon so we wanted to do a proper send off, as well as to celebrate the holiday season.

Located on Arlington Road, which is just off Camden High Street, otherwise known as the main drag in Camden, the Crown and Goose is easy to get to. I like that it rests in a slightly more residential area, which is quieter and much more laid back, suiting us well in the middle of our hectic work day.

The interior showcases a classic pub design with a mahogany bar, and a mix of stool and table seating. There’s an upstairs dining room, which is great for bigger parties, and this is exactly where we sat and conversed. It made for a festive atmosphere, especially when they turned up the music, still to a very comfortable level where we were able to chat with each other easily.

To be honest, I didn’t have the highest expectations when it came to food since at home, classic pubs or dive bars have pretty standard food. However, Crown and Goose’s gourmet offering pleasantly surprised me, delivering on all levels.

Roasted Duck
– Originally ordering the pork belly dish, I was disappointed to find out they no longer had it available. The duck I’m about to describe was actually its substitute, which turned out to be a very happy and delicious happenstance.

Boasting a generous portion of a beautifully roasted duck leg, I truly enjoyed the delectable meat that I dutifully picked off its bones. Another highlight was the crispy skin, which was flavored with a sprinkling of fragrant spices that totally exemplified the holiday season. In terms of sides, the duck was accompanied by an earthy succotash, baked potatoes and string beans, which all worked well together and accentuated the flavors in the duck.

Service and Cost:
Just like in any good neighborhood pub, the service felt casual, friendly, making us relaxed and comfortable. I was impressed with the organization with which the Crown and Goose is run, as we were asked to put in our order ahead of time, so the staff could adequately prep for our large group. All dishes came out in good time and I couldn’t help but have a little food envy when I saw some of the other amazing plates come out, especially the fish and chips.

Costs are moderate to a little expensive by NYC standards, but fit the bill when it comes to London. My roasted duck dish and a cider set me back about 20 pounds or $32.

3 Mmmms

Crown & Goose – 100 Arlington Road, Camden, London NW1 7HP
020 74858008
Underground to Camden Town Station

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