Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apple Croustade Makes a Pretty Holiday Dessert

Since it’s now officially holiday time, there’s nothing like treating yourself to some tasty decadent dessert.  All good things must come in moderation of course, but now is definitely the time when you can allow yourself to indulge a little.

I made this pretty, rustic Apple Croustade for our Thanksgiving meal, as I was excited to experiment with phyllo dough.  A little bit intimidated, I wasn’t sure how I’d achieve the pretty top to this homestyle tart, but in the end I found the method easy, fun and a little spontaneous.  The apples take the longest to prepare, which isn’t saying much, since you can get them prepped and cooked in about 20 minutes.  The actual tarte assembly is easier than it looks, and I imagine with a little practice anyone can come up with their own unique ways to dress up the dough.

Hope you have fun trying this recipe and impressing your house guests during the holidays.

Apple Croustade recipe, courtesy of Saveur Magazine

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