Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thai Beef with Basil Yumminess

On the fourth day of my gluten free experiment, it's going well so far, and the whole journey has been easier than I thought.  I'm certainly seeing a difference in my body and overall don't feel very lethargic, which is great.  That's not to say that I'll do this full time just yet, but I'm enjoying the journey so far.

A dish which I've recently created that worked well with this new diet is the above pictured Thai Beef with Basil.  Getting the recipe from Bon Appetit, I was able to  incorporate lots of basil, carrots and a bevy of Asian flavors such as soy sauce, fish sauce and lots of lime juice.  The key was letting the beef get a bit crispy on the edges by letting it brown about 10 minutes in the pan, before the chicken stock was added.

The overall flavors were fresh and zesty, but hearty enough to satisfy you for dinner.  Making great left overs, the dish kept really well and I ate it the following day too and loved how the juices from the lime/soy dressing married into the meat and carrot slaw.

Thai Beef with Basil recipe, courtesy of Bon Appetit

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