Thursday, October 17, 2013

Astoria Mac N' Cheese Delight Round-Up

Thinking about how much I love a good mac 'n cheese, I was inspired to put together a quick round-up of Astoria and LIC eateries that are doing it a little bit differently.  So here you go, a non-traditional take on our beloved nostalgic treat:

Image by Queens Comfort

Queens Comfort - When I spotted this enticing picture, I immediately thought "why haven't I thought of this before?!" - a chicken parm in mac 'n cheese format?!  Don't walk.  Run.  40-09 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.728.2350

Sweet Afton - This tangy, well-done mac 'n cheese comes piping hot in a cast iron skillet.  Once you dig in, you'll enjoy the medley of sharp cheeses including Irish cheddar, gruyere and muenster.  30-09 34th Street, Astoria.  718.777.2570

Queens Kickshaw - Known for their expertise in grilled cheese sandwiches, the Queens Kickshaw's mac 'n cheese is a big standout as well.  Loaded with a hefty combination of gruyere, cheddar and smoked muzz, it's then topped with French beans and caramelized onions.  40-17 Broadway, Astoria.  718.777.0913

Sage General Store - My We Heart Astoria colleagues and I loved sampling the legendary mac 'n cheese at this LIC staple.  The well-done, crunchy crust is impeccable, featuring cayenne breadcrumbs that give this 5-cheese mac a nice punch.   24-20 Jackson Avenue, LIC.  718.361.0707

Image by Meg Cotner

The Shady Lady
- I have to give a nod to Meg's awesome write-up of The Shady Lady, and especially as it relates to mac 'n cheese.  There are three different types to choose from including the classic, carbonara and truffles and shrooms.  Sign me up!  34-19 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.440.9081

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