Thursday, October 10, 2013

4 Random Creative Croissants

Just because I've been spotting some randomly cool food things around Astoria, I thought I'd round them up here for a little quickie inspiration.  A mixture of food deals, special menu items, contests and more, I hope you enjoy these creative croissants.

So fun! SingleCut Beersmiths is running a caption contest on their site.  You'll notice their mascot, Rulpsen popping up on their homepage, so why not give him something to say?  Submit your caption directly on their site or through Facebook or Twitter and you can win a 64 oz growlrrr filled with your favorite brew.

Have you checked (or downloaded) the awesome Scoutmob app? I've gotten tons of great deals out of it in Astoria, including a discount at Crave Astoria, Winegasm, the Mad Donkey, and now the latest discounts for Saffron Indian Cuisine, Ovelia, Latin Cabana, Astoria Bier & Cheese and more.  Remember that these are 100% free coupons that don't require a pre-payment.  Bottom line - they're awesome!

Did you know that 5 Napkin Burger is featuring a special Oktoberfest inspired burger? I've never had a German-style burger, but this one sounds pretty unique, as it's packed with lots of hearty ingredients such as ground beef infused with Knockwurst spices, munster cheese, smoky bacon, mustard, onions all enveloped in a pretzel roll. Sounds pretty awesome, especially when paired with a fall pumpkin ale.  35-01 36th Street, Astoria.  718.433.2727

Oh and how can I forget that my fellow foodie comrade, Tyson Ho, the hogmaster behind Arrogant Swine is in a great Arby's commercial.  See him giving expertise about the almighty pig, specifically Carolina style BBQ.

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