Friday, August 23, 2013

Dan's Homemade Falafel

It was a very happy day in our household today, as Dan experimented with making falafel.  I had the idea of creating our own falafel balls, ever since we had the yummy ones last week at Crave Astoria, but Dan really took the initiative to create them.

Overall, he did a fantastic job (as you can see here), producing a lovely brown exterior on the balls and the interior was soft, creamy and rich.  I liked how light they were, as Dan didn't use tahini that sometimes gives this dish a certain heaviness.  Loving the way that he put all of it together, he layered the falafel on top of fresh arugula and then further topped it with hummus.  Toasting a few pieces of pita, we had fun creating our own little falafel sandwiches, and I loved how nourishing and filling they were.  The whole process took about a half hour, from preparation to cooking, and Dan used the below easy recipe from

Easy Falafel recipe, courtesy of

What's your personal spin on making falafel?  

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