Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arabian Nights Dinner with Lebanese Stew

I love to change up my cooking repertoire and finding about new resources is always a plus.  This one comes by way of my mom, who recently sent me link to an Australian site called SBS that has an awesome cooking section.  The photography is striking and the recipes are user friendly, so I decided to try one out for an impromptu dinner at home with Peter, Fiana, and Dan.  

The theme was Middle Eastern, as you can see, with the main course being a beef Lebanese Stew with lots of onion, garlic and a homemade mix of spices.  Generally, it was easy to prepare, the only arduous thing being the veg prep, but otherwise it was pretty turnkey.  I decided to pair with a few extra embellishments such as hummus, pickled veggies and a homemade Greek yogurt dip, which also included spices such as cinnamon, coriander and cumin.  Everyone seemed to like it, judging by the piddly leftovers - and I'll surely be making it again, as well as tapping into the other recipes on this site.  Hope you get to check it out too!

Lebanese Stew with Peas and Rice recipe, courtesy of SBS

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