Friday, July 5, 2013

It was a Healthy 4th of July with Quinoa Salad

With all the 4th of July indulgences that are usually a part of the food spread, I wanted to make sure that I also eat something healthy and nourishing.  On a mission to find something apropos, I decided to dip into my Healthy Eats Pinterest board, and luckily it didn't take me long to find something good.

The quinoa salad you see here is what I was taken with.  I loved all its colors and the healthy ingredients, including tons of veggies, some crunchy cashews and a beautiful peanuty dressing.  I loved how refreshing it was and how rich in texture.  The veggies are great because they make the salad more robust and filling.  You can consider adding some delicious grilled chicken or shrimp to it as well, but it really is very good just on its own.

I brought some over to my aunt Ida's BBQ today and it was a hit - only a tiny bit left, which was a good sign.  Hope you enjoy making (and eating it).  A big thanks to
Ambitious Kitchen blog for the recipe and the inspiration.  Here's the official recipe as seen on Ambitious Kitchen.  P.S. - this dish is totally vegan and gluten free.

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