Friday, June 21, 2013

Cows, Raw Milk and General Dairy Goodness at Jersey Girl Dairy

One of the most memorable parts of last week's Sweet Escape retreat, was the experience of visiting a local dairy farm called Jersey Girls Dairy.  I've been to several farms in my life, but most of them were during a time that I was young and not as eager to learn about their wonders.  This trip was totally different, as I was in a state of mind to learn and absorb everything - and I couldn't wait to try some delicious raw milk, eggs and other goodies.

About Jersey Girls Dairy:
When we arrived at Jersey Girls Dairy farm last week, we were welcomed by head farmer and proprietor, Lisa Kaiman.  She was punchy, charismatic and obviously really passionate about her farm and her lovely Jersey cows.  Listening to Lisa's stories, some of which were eccentric, no doubt, it was clear that she runs her farm in an honorable and sustainable way--producing happy cows and high quality dairy and meat products.

Lisa showed us around the entire dairy, except for the actual pasture, which we did see as we came in, but it was too wet out there as a result of a rainstorm just the night before.  This was OK though, as we still got to meet plenty of lovely cows that looked happy, healthy and pleasantly plump.  We got to see the milk room, as well as all the equipment that Lisa uses to get that delicious sweet milk out of her Jersey girls.  A special highlight for me was to see a day old calf and her proud mom, enjoying the company of her new "human" friends.  Overall, I loved seeing and understanding the whole dairy process from start to finish.

Farm Fresh Goodies:
And speaking of finish, I got my hands on some farm fresh milk, eggs and veal before we left the farm.  Lisa sells these openly (and on the honor system too) where you grab what you like and leave some money in a little wooden box, the trust and transparency of her business seeping into each aspect of her farm.

As for the raw milk, I've been drinking it each day this week with my cereal and it's been life changing.  Its beautiful eggshell color and silky taste makes me only too happy to wake up each day--and this is coming from someone who's not a morning person.  Another pleasantly surprising aspect is that the milk is really easy to digest, unlike the ultra pasteurized milk we get from the supermarket.  As a result, I experienced none of the issues that I do with the latter, when I get painful stomach cramps on occasion.  In terms of the veal, Dan and I are making meatballs out of it tonight, so stay tuned for more yummy details.

If you ever have the chance to visit Jersey Girls Dairy in person, I highly suggest you do - it may just change your whole perspective on the dairy process.  

Jersey Girls Dairy - 157 Thompson Road, Chester VT 05143

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