Monday, April 8, 2013

Lunchin' with Korilla BBQ at the IMS Summit

I was at the IMS summit last week for work, which was a tad underwhelming, so I didn't have high hopes when it came for lunchtime.  However, I must say that I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found out that Korilla BBQ was in my future that day.  That's right...everyone at the conference had the opportunity to get the Korean BBQ specialty of their dreams from this fabulous truck.  I instantly fell in love.

The Concept:
Started by Edward "3D" Song, a Columbia graduate who just couldn't face the corporate world, the Korilla BBQ truck was born.  Wanting to spread the amazingness of Korean BBQ cuisine with others, and to also break the perception that this cuisine is only for carnivores, "3D" started his first truck with three other cohorts.

Since then, they're all over the NYC map (and even Jersey), as well as doing private events such as the one from last week.  I really loved the idea behind this, as it added a level of coolness to the event.  It was fun watching the guys behind the truck's window, having a good time and serving up some amazing, piping hot Korean yums.  All I can say is that it was a great intro, and I'll certainly be back for more.


Lucky for us, we got to choose whatever we wanted on their menu, so I went for the Chosun bowl.  First you pick a protein such as the ribeye (bulgogi), pulled pork, chicken thighs, or tofu; then you go for the rice (they even have bacon, kimchi fried rice!), and then additional fixins such as kimchi, slaw, cucumber, etc.

I got the bulgogi, as I typically love this tender, marinated beef that's oh so flavorful.  Korilla's was even better than others I've had - it was incredibly easy to break down, no knife required.  Pairing this with the bacon, kimchi fried rice and a topping of mild tomato salsa, crunchy slaw and cucumber, was a hearty, smoky combination.  The smokiness came from the Korean BBQ sauce they put on top, that was slightly sweet, and a little tangy.  The differing textures were just fabulous and the whole thing made for a colorful and a very exciting lunch.  While I could imagine eating these ingredients in burrito form, I much rather enjoyed seeing it all shine in front of me inside a bowl.  Who'd want all that beauty to be hidden inside a flour wrap?!

Service and Cost:
Amazed at how quickly each order got expedited, the line moved quickly and it was fun watching the guys serving everyone.  It's clear that they enjoy what they do, each with a big smile on their face, cracking some jokes along the way too.

Prices range between $7-$8/serving, depending on whether you get a taco set, a burrito or the bowl I just mentioned.

3 Mmmms

Korilla BBQ - truck locations

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