Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Napkin's Kegs & Eggs Brunch

Last week, I mentioned 5 Napkin's Kegs & Eggs brunch, which I had the pleasure to attend.  My mom and dad came along too and really enjoyed themselves.  Even though we didn't go too crazy with the beer, we had a taste of the SingleCut Billy 18 Watt IPA and liked its bitter hoppy flavor.  

Just to recap things for you a bit, Kegs & Eggs offers $20 bottomless pints for 2 hours during brunch hours.  

It was nice to see the patio open and by the early afternoon, it was nearly all filled up with hungry Astorians.  Many folks came with larger groups and seemed to make a social outing from this experience, which was great to see.

In addition to the beer of course, here are some dishes we tried:

Healthy Frittata - Wanting to keep things nutritious, I ordered the egg white frittata with spinach, tomatoes, onions and peppers.  It was nice and light with little air pockets inside that made it feel super fluffy.  The veggies added an earthy flavor, which went nicely with the well done hash browns and the side of salad dressed with a simple oil and vinegar dressing.  I like that it didn't make me feel overly full, but instead energized and satiated.

Other Dishes - My parents also went with lighter dishes, my mom ordering the Southwestern Chicken Salad and my dad also going with a chicken dish, the Churrasco chicken breast. I was intrigued by the chimichurri sauce on top of the latter dish, which made it look vibrant and taste delicious too.  My dad also liked the side of fried goodies such as French fries and onion rings.  A little bit of salad came with it too, making this a generous offering.

Service and Cost:
Excellence in service never fails to prevail here, as our waiter was really wonderful and paid attention to all our needs. We asked him to hold our food until my dad came to join us and he was more than happy to oblige.  Everyone was really kind and accommodating.

Costs are moderate and include anywhere from $9.75 - $15.50 for egg dishes or $11.50 - $18.95 for other lunch food.

3 Mmmms

5 Napkin Burger - 35-01 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11106
N/Q Train to Steinway Street, R/M Train to Steinway Street

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