Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake - Delighted to be Nominated

Tonight, Dan and I had the great pleasure to attend a very special Oscar partay, hosted by friends Kimberly and Jonathan (aka of Conon Entertainment!).  It was loads of fun as always, and there was actually a red carpet and a proper step and repeat (just check out the sponsors above...I'm in good company).

To ensure that I brought something special on this very festive night, I went with the bacon and chocolate theme, inspired by
Tide & Thyme blog and their recipe for a Bacon Stout Chocolate Cheesecake.  I changed things up a bit too, so the recipe would fit in with the chocolate, wine and cheese party theme.  Instead of adding a stout, I substituted a good quality red wine that totally did the trick.

The cake was not only rich, but exemplified a nice combination of sweet and savory.  I enjoyed biting into the chewy pieces of bacon in between all that dark rich chocolate.  A nice tall glass of milk would be the perfect accompaniment, but a tall flute of bubbly will do just fine.

Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake recipe, inspired by Tide & Thyme blog

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