Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pistachio Crusted Salmon Weeknight Dinner

Still trying to maintain healthy eating, especially when cooking at home, I made the above pictured easy salmon dish this week that was tasty, healthful and satisfying.  Buying the salmon fillets ahead of time, there is some pre-planning required, but all else I managed to put together from the ingredients we had on hand.  

Fully stocked with a big bag of salted pistachios, I decided to make them the star of the show by chopping them up, combining them with Italian breadcrumbs and a little bit of olive oil to form the crust.  Although the middle layer was supposed to be made up of stone ground mustard and lemon juice, I didn't have this and used 2% Greek yogurt instead, which worked just fine.  Serving the whole thing on a bed of whole wheat cous-cous, studded with raisins, chopped onions and green peppers, Dan and I loved chomping down on it and felt really good and fulfilled after - and not overly stuffed.

Here's the easy recipe, courtesy of the Food Network, but you can feel free to change it around as you wish.

Pistachio Crusted Salmon Recipe

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