Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yardbird – Weekend Brunch with a Big Helping of Comfort

One of my favorite places to visit when in Miami is Yardbird, and this time around we also went there with friends, Matt and Kate. We were eager to introduce this gem to them, after raving about it so much, and even though Dan and I have both been, we’ve never yet tried their brunch. Just like the other two past experiences I’ve had here, the brunch was absolutely spectacular and a must-try. Here’s what we got:

Drinks – Dan and I started with an order of Yardbird’s signature bloody Marys – spicy, tomatoey and topped with interesting fixins such as bacon, pickled okra, and a cornichon-stuffed olive. I loved all the spices used in the homemade tomato juice mix, which went down easily with our delicious brunch.

Entrees – Going for a wide spectrum of eats, Dan and Matt both couldn’t resist the chicken and waffles, while Kate and I went with egg-based dishes – hers was the omelette special of the day, while I chose the Benedict BLT.

The chicken was fried in the most amazing (and slightly spicy batter), and the meat was soft, juicy and succulent when you bit into it. A perfect combination was to stack a big chunky chicken piece with a sweet waffle and their homemade maple syrup, which was really rich and pure in flavor.

The BLT Benedict was really interesting and I was happy I got it, containing a mixture of perfectly poached eggs, thick slab bacon slices and slightly browned, torn pieces of their signature biscuits, which are out of this world. The tomato portion of this BLT came as a separate side salad with some nice looking, sweet tomatoes and a crunchy frisee salad.

While I didn’t taste Kate’s omelet, she said it was really tasty, but in retrospect wished that she got something a bit more characteristic of Yardbird’s country cooking style.

Shares – Matt and Kate also shared a helping of fried green tomatoes, also done up in Yardbird’s signature style, with caramelized pieces of pork belly and a red pepper remoulade. I had a bite and went to heaven, loving the crunchy tomato, a bit of fiery spice from the remoulade and the sweet, smokiness of the pork belly.

Dessert – In honor of Matt’s birthday, we got the sweet donut topped with bacon, which sold me from the start. I absolutely love this combination, and Yardbird executed it perfectly – the donut being sweet and surprisingly airy (I think they used the same dough as in their biscuits) while the bacon was the perfect amount of savory, creating a harmonious union between the two ingredients.

Service and Cost:
Following the horrendous experience we just had at Prime 112, I’m happy to say that Yardbird continues to deliver on service. Not only were we seated on time and greeted with a cheery disposition, our waiter was totally on point and catered to our every need.

Costs are moderate and totally worth it for the quality of food and the fabulous ambiance:

Brunch entrées – $12-$26
Shares - $9-$15
Desserts - $8-$9

3 Mmmms

Yardbird - 1600 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139

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