Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cheesin' It Up with Gorilla Cheese NYC Food Truck

Totally excited by the fact that a food truck lot has set up right outside of my office building during lunch, I'm always looking out the window to check out the different food trucks that have landed there each day.  I love that they alternate constantly, giving people the opportunity to try a variety of things at once, and it also defeats the sometimes arduous activity of actually locating these mobile kitchens.

I headed down for lunch with a co-worker of mine yesterday, and given that the weather was actually good, we decided to hang.  At first, we checked out the offerings at each truck, starting with 
Munchie Mobile and working our way eventually to the Bongo Brothers Cuban food truck.  And somewhere in between that was the Gorilla Cheese NYC truck, which I've always been dying to try.  After taking one look at their menu, both my co-worker Rusty and I were all about it.

About the Truck
A lot of you may be familiar with this truck, as it's quite emblematic, with a picture of a large King Kong-esque gorilla holding a melted grilled cheese in one hand and the Empire State Building in the other.  I love its whimsy design and bright yellow color, which automatically makes me think of cheesy goodness.  In truth, I've seen this truck floating around quite a bit on Varick Street (and other locations around the city) but the sometimes long lines have turned me off.  

Even though we found ourselves waiting in line here too, it went fast and we also didn't feel awkward standing on the street, as we were in a nice park that was enclosed and where we felt we could stay a while.

Grilled Cheese
Although there are many tantalizing options on the menu, my choice became very clear immediately, as I went for the #8 or the Spicy Buffalo Chicken grilled cheese.  Besides the buffalo treatment, which always makes me think of Monday Night Football, I was sold by the fact that it incorporated smoked mozzarella on French bread.  By the latter, I was expecting something crusty and substantial however, I was slightly disappointed by the ordinary white bread that encased the delightful contents of chicken and cheese.

Loving the filling of this sandwich, I appreciated the spice in the tender chicken chunks and the cheese was indeed quite smoky and out of this world.  It went down easy, and despite it being a heaping, hearty sandwich, it didn't weigh you down, which was great.

Rusty got the smoked gouda with BBQ pulled pork creation and while I didn't try it, he assured me it was delicious.  Next time!

Service and Cost
The service was very quick and efficient, as we waited for just 5 minutes before receiving our piping hot sandwiches.  I have no complaints and overall the truck seems to run pretty efficiently.

Each sandwich set us back $8, which is pricey for just simple meat and cheese, but I have to say that it's doable once in a while and that the quality is very good.

3 Mmmms
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