Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back at Koliba Enjoying My Kind of Food

This week, I was so happy to go to Koliba with Meg, our mutual friend Lisa and a few other new friends who were new to the wonders of Czech and Slovak food.  Meg and I were eager to show off the amazing cuisine to our Czech and Slovak newbies and I think they really enjoyed themselves.  Of course, most of the table got a helping of spaetzle (both with sheep's milk cheese and sauerkraut), but we also tried some other things that I must tell you about.

Pickled Herring
- We got this on Meg's suggestion, and I was so glad that my dining companions appreciated it.  While most people get turned off by herring, as it's mostly covered in a heavy cream sauce, this one wasn't.  Dressed simply in the vinegar it was pickled in and some really amazing pickled onions, the herring was really fresh and tasted like the sea in the best way.  I put it on top of the peasant bread they gave us at the beginning of our meal, and couldn't help but feel like I was back in my mom's kitchen.

Combination Platter
- My dad is usually the one who gets this, but since I typically just steal bites off his plate, I ordered my own this time.  Consisting of roasted pork of loin as well as a smoked pork, I felt that I got the best of both worlds.  Both pieces of meat were incredibly tender and pretty much falling apart upon contact with a fork.  I particularly enjoyed the smoked pork and loved pairing it with a mixture of green and white cabbage, which were both on the sweet side.  Just amazing, and as you can see by the big plate, it was incredibly filling.

Service and Cost:
Cordial and hospitable, the service never disappoints.  I loved that our waitress remembered me from last time and even gave me a helpful update on when the Cooking Channel show
they taped there would air (next  Sunday! Don't worry, I'll remind you to watch).  Overall, we got wonderful treatment and I think our new friends were duly impressed.

Costs remain reasonable, as we paid $26 each, including tax and tip for everything, including a round of beers.

3 Mmmms

Koliba - 31-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105

N/Q Train to Ditmars

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