Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Needs Brooklyn When You Have Cobbler Hill?!

Meg and I had the pleasure of attending Mackenzi's 5 Year Anniversary party at SITE boutique tonight and it was fabulous.  We're so proud of Mackenzi for reaching this awesome milestone, and her store is really thriving, which is great to see.  As always, she kicked it up a notch for her big 5, as she had a DJ, a fun photo booth and of course lots of delicious food and drink on hand.  I loved the food sampling from the above pictured, Cobbler Hill, which I'm about to give you the deets on.

The Concept
Based out of Astoria, this lovely small business, headed up by Nikki Scheidt certainly appeals to the sweet tooth in all of us.  I loved the innovative presentation of her cobblers, which all come in pretty little mason jars with a beautifully decorated lid, and a wooden spoon so you don't waste any time and get right to business.

Some distinguishing elements of the cobblers are that they're gluten free (Gluten Free Fun advise!) and they also refrain from using refined sugar, which is nice to see.  

The Flavors
I tasted two flavors at the party, including the blueberry and the strawberry.  Both were really juicy and flavorful but the strawberry was a clear stand-out with a really pronounced and slightly tart strawberry taste, as well as a really crunchy top that brought you back to your momma's kitchen.  Meg agreed and got a strawberry jar for herself, looking forward to finishing it at home.

Price and Availability
Each jar of cobbler was $6 with a 2 for $10 special, which sound pricey, but I think fair for a completely homemade product and something of such high quality.  I asked about distribution and Nikki mentioned you can order them directly from her for any kind of parties, events or personal orders.  You can contact her here, and please tell her I sent ya. Enjoy your cobblers! 

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  1. Cobbler Hill25 April, 2012

    Thanks for the feature!! Just wanted to note that the Strawberry Cobbler was actually Strawberry Rhubarb (goes by the name "Sweet n' Cranky" on The Hill), hence the tartness of it. So glad you enjoyed them! xoxo



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