Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is Coming - Let's Start with Bear

With Easter fast approaching, you may be thinking about plans with friends and family.  While a lot of you may be going to see the family for the holidays or enjoying it in the comfort of your own home, lots of folks love to go out and celebrate restaurant-style, which is a lot of fun and exempts you of all that messy clean-up.

Lots of restaurants in Astoria are rolling out spectacular specials (and I'll get to those soon), but I first wanted to start with Bear.  Their menu attracted me especially, as it was very very rich and decadent, but also affordable for such an involved meal.  Check it out and if you're interested, I suggest you make your reservations soon.

Bear's Easter Supper (7-courses!)

4:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. 

First Course
Warm bread, smoked butter and salt

Second Course
Double smoked veal sausages, pickled vegetable salad, strong mustard and beet horseradish

Third Course
Egg mimosa deviled eggs with potato, scallions and parsley, Alaskan salmon caviar and marinated herring

Fourth Course
Light spinach soup with chive cream

Fifth Course
A choice of...

Slow roasted lamb
Mushroom stroganoff fettuccine
Baked fresh catch of the day
Rabbit in a creamy white wine gravy
Whole roasted organic free range chicken (for two) - pre-order required

Sixth Course

For the table

Glazed spring carrots
Young white potato in dill and garlic butter

Spring greens mixed salad

Seventh Course
Easter cake with fresh whipped cream and farmer's market berries and fruit preserves

House wine carafe
White or red for $20

Bear - 12-14 31st Avenue, Long Island City NY 11106

N/Q Train to Broadway

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