Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancakes

Today's first real snowstorm of the season provided a nice break from reality, as I stayed in most of the day and cooked up some tasty eats.  It all started with breakfast, as I took it as an opportunity to finally make the Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes I've been meaning to make for Dan and me for over a month.  You may remember me telling you about the bodacious hot chocolate I recently had at Vosges.  Well while perusing the store, I also bought the aforementioned pancake mix that completely intrigued me upon first sight. 

While I normally wouldn't make something from a mix unless I was in a real bind, this was totally different, as it contained really excellent ingredients, and not to mention the to-die-for bacon chocolate Vosges is so well known for.  Although I'm not a skilled pancake maker and end up mangling their shape most of the time (and again today!), the flavor was absolutely delicious and the chocolate bacon chips I nestled into each pancake melted beautifully, producing the most amazing sweet and smoky flavor.  Paired with really good quality natural maple syrup, Dan and I were on cloud nine while eating them rather quickly.

I truly enjoyed this treat and saved enough of the mix and chocolate chips for another day, but I may experiment with my own version of it in the future too.  If you'd like to buy the mix, it's well worth it and available at the Vosges boutique on Spring street, or you can simply buy it
 Salivating yet?

Vosges - 132 Spring Street, New York NY 10012
6 Train to Spring Street 

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