Sunday, January 8, 2012

Queens Comfort Amplifies Brunch

Ever since I saw that enticing picture of the brioche French Toast on their site, I've been thinking about hitting up Queens Comfort's brunch.  Lucky for me, Kimberly was totally game for it this weekend, and together we indulged in a super rich meal that started off our weekend on a sweet note.

I've visited Queens Comfort on one other occasion, and really enjoyed the rich treats they put out.  Recognizing that their entire menu is super rich, and therefore can only be consumed in moderation, I was ready for something like that, considering how health conscious I was this entire week.  The yummies we feasted on included:

Brioche French Toast - Completely floored by its larger than life appearance, the brioche French Toast consisted of two huge pieces of bread, coated in a custardy egg batter and then topped with two generous mini scoops of maple butter, with a side of maple syrup too.  While I appreciated the richness, I think they overdid it on the butter, and I had to take a lot of it off, otherwise it would've been like eating straight out of a Paula Deen cookbook.  

I loved the toast's texture, as it was soft, silky and edges were a little crispy too, which was ultra delicious.  Something I didn't care for was the half done middle, where the egg part was still runny.  Although I didn't let that ruin my experience and I put those pieces aside, it put a damper on what could've been a perfect French toast. 

Queens Comfort's Version of an Egg McMuffin - Kimberly's dish was something truly special - a unique twist on the Egg McMuffin if you will.  Besides being absolutely gargantuan, it was packed with comforting goodness from top to bottom.  Taking a generous bite of this delectable entree, it included a soft yet crispy-on-the-edges English muffin, tangy gruyere cheese, which was then topped with a heaping portion of scrambled eggs, chives and bits of chewy bacon.  Each bite was truly exceptional, as I loved how the smokiness of the bacon married with the well done, stringy cheese, the fluffy eggs and the soft bread.  It's obvious that the dish isn't for the faint of hearts and if you'd like to have a try instead of completely diving in, I'd suggest you split it with your dining companion.

Service and Cost:
This is where I think Queens Comfort missed the mark a bit, as the service left something to be desired.  I'll give them that the restaurant was super busy, and that we came in during peak brunch hour, but we still felt that our servers weren't as attentive as we would've liked.  Another slight annoyance was that for such huge dishes as we ordered, the plates were way too small and we had to be super careful about not spilling any of its contents over the side.  Although sharing plates seemed like an obvious necessity, we had to ask for them twice.

Costs are affordable and include about $11 - $14 per brunch entree.  Coffee, tea, OJ or the beverage of your choice is separate, however note that this joint is still BYOB and you can bring your own champagne or prosecco to make mimosas.

2.5 Mmmms

Queens Comfort - 40-09 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103

N/Q Train to 30th Avenue 


  1. I feel like I hear this same thing over and over again; they just don't have the service thing down. It's too bad, they're a great part of the neighborhood.

  2. Yeah, I like them but they still feel very much like a start-up if you know what I mean. Still rough around the edges.

  3. Always a pleasure dining with Fooditka :) Just one thing to add - I believe the cheese used was gouda, not gruyere. Regardless it was delicious and I appreciated the accommodation on the way the egg was cooked (ie how they scrambled vs. fried). Where to next?? :)

  4. ah yes...thank you for the correction. It was your dish after all :)



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