Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Awesome BareBurger Lunch Special

Whenever there's buzz about BareBurger, I listen.  And judging by how Astorians reacted to our We Heart Astoria giveaway to this fantastic burger joint, I have a feeling you'll all be interested in what I'm about to tell you.  

I spotted a sweet lunch deal today on their Facebook page and wanted to spread the news pronto.  After all, who doesn't love a great deal on lunch, and especially with these quality meats!

BareBurger Lunch Special:
Enjoy an original BareBurger with your choice of meat (beef, veggie or turkey), fries and soda for $11.95

This deal has an almost $20 value, plus it's another good excuse to get together with friends and enjoy the  holidays.  Bon appetit everyone!

BareBurger - 33-21 31st Avenue, Astoria NY 11106

N/Q Train to Broadway


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