Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Blogger Appreciation

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I just love that it's a celebration of all wonderful things - family, friends, health, happiness and food!  I have so many things to appreciate in my life, but besides the obvious, my life has truly been enriched through writing about my food adventures and meeting some of the most amazing people in Queens.  My fellow Queens bloggers...this one's for you.

We Heart Astoria
- My other blogging pride and joy, you may know that I'm one of the fellow founders and contributors of this blog that's all about "delivering insider scoop in and out of Astoria." Check out Meg's amazing round-up of Thanksgiving activities - from special restaurant menus, bar promos and more.

Harmonious Belly - Meg's blog, dedicated to sustainable food practices and lifestyle is always a meaningful read - and the pictures make me salivate each time.  In her latest post, read about the non-traditional feast she's putting together this Thanksgiving. 

SITE Design Blog - Although not a food blogger per se, Mackenzi knows what's what and better yet, what's to come on the Astoria and LIC food horizon.  In her blog, inspired by her fabulous store, SITE, she talks about trends, quirky items on sale at her store, and in case you didn't know, you can also find her musings on We Heart Astoria.  

Amuse*Bouche - I love Bradley...but let's face it, everyone LOVES Bradley Hawks, the jovial, food porn extraordinaire who gets into every nook and cranny of Astoria's food scene.  His latest post highlights the new, Bear Restaurant, which offers a Thanksgiving prix-fixe tomorrow.  If you'd like to get a special deal when you visit, check this out and get a free glass of vino.  

Handjobs for the Home - AJ's brilliant blog speaks to the imagination and creativity that can live in all of us too, as he uncovers simple yet sophisticated DIY projects (a lot of them centered around food). I love his Thanksgiving post that gives us some simple tips and tricks to entertaining (especially in small spaces). 

Gluten Free Fun
- It's funny that I came to know Erin through a nostalgic High School connection.  The blogosphere really is a small world!  I enjoy reading posts about a her fun, fearless gluten-free adventures that are always full of thoughtful advice and support.  In her Thanksgiving post, she of course gives homage to the wonderful gluten-free community that inspires her each day.  

Much to My Delight - Jenn's awesome blog is a little whimsy, tongue-in-cheek, but also full of insightful stories.  Her Thanksgiving post, similar to this one gives props to her favorite Thanksgiving blog round-ups.  

City Spoonful - Recently getting acquainted with Anne and Clare who run this blog, it's all about food.  And what I like is that it spreads the love beyond Queens to also those other boroughs, and even New Jersey.  Hmmm...not sure what I think about that, but anyway ;)  Kidding! Take a look at their awesome Thanksgiving post on how to cook a perfect turkey. 

Gardenfreude - WT and Erich are not only geniuses in the garden, but also in the kitchen.  Their blog shines a light on a variety of creative topics from food to gardening, knitting to wellness, design and more.  Their latest post totally made my tummy rumble - it's a recipe for a chocolate pumpkin loaf.  

Tastoria - Focusing on her two favorite topics, food + Astoria, Sue uncovers some of our neighborhood's hidden gems.  I love her intelligent observations and musings on simple things and places we'd normally bypass...until now.  Her Thanksgiving post shows us just how lucky we are to have Astoria in our lives.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - and once again, thank you, thank you!


  1. I feel honored to be a part of this list. So many amazing bloggers in Astoria! Judith, I am thankful we connected through your blog too.

  2. Thanks Erin - hope you had an awesome holiday!



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