Sunday, November 27, 2011

Luke's Lobster - Simple and Perfected

Given our long Thanksgiving weekend, it was also a great time to explore new food places that have been on my must-try list.  One of those included Luke's Lobster, the rustic lobster joint that started out in the East Village and that now has locations virtually all around the city.  Dan and I visited the Upper West Side locale. 

The legend of Luke's Lobster has to do with freshness and being supplied directly from Maine shores - no middle man involved.  Therefore, you know that your lobster is freshly caught and hasn't been transported to your plate from afar. can therefore feel really good about eating it.

Staying true to its humble beginnings, Luke's Lobster is a simple, no frills place that feels like it belongs in a quiet New England town, as opposed to the busy streets of Manhattan.  In fact, when you step in, you're immediately transported into a more laid back place, and can't help but think of lazy summer days by the beach.

The space is long and narrow and decked with a couple of communal style high tables with stools.  A long mural, depicting a Maine beach scene on one side, and a busily stacked wall of Luke's redeemed frequent customer cards on the other, showcases just how popular it is.  I plan to put mine up there someday, as after my first experience, I can with certainty say I'll be back.

Dan and I both got the lobster roll combo, which came with a pickle, a bag of chips and a drink of choice.  We ooh'd and aaah'd as soon as we took a good look at this lobster roll, main reason being because the chunks of lobster were so gorgeous in color and so substantial in size.  What a bummer it is when you receive a lobster roll with more mayo than lobster, the whole thing resulting in a soggy mess! Well not this, for the lobster was surely the main ingredient, only hit with a touch of mayo and some ingenious house seasoning.  It was so simple, yet so very delicious, each bite of the chunky sandwich reaffirming to us the starring role the lobster played.  After we finished it, we felt satisfied and happy, as opposed to weighed down and overly full, as can be the case with heavily mayo-drenched renditions.

Service and Cost:
Although the service is as casual as the rest of Luke's, the staff is friendly and helpful, and generally seems happy to be there.  The woman behind the counter was nice and tried to accommodate Dan with the beer of his choice, after some ambivalence.  She had a sound idea of what was good, and tried to weigh out the options for us in terms of the best value.

Costs are very fair for the amazing quality you get.  Each lobster roll combo set us back $17, which included the aforementioned pickle, chips and a drink.

3 Mmmms

Luke's Lobster - 426 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY 10024
1 Train to 79th Street 


  1. Love love love Luke's Lobster. They also make the best New England Clam Chowder I've ever had.

  2. Awesome - thanks for the tip. Will have to try the chowder next.

  3. I am also a big fan of Luke's! The first time I went I had the "Taste of Maine", I liked this option b/c I had the chance to try a bit of everything. I have to say my favorite roll is the crab roll paired with a blueberry soda and salt and vinegar chips! So delish and def recommend you try it!

  4. Sounds wonderful Lisa - it's next on my list!



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