Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Light Shroomy Soup

Fall is a great time for mushrooms, one of my favorite non-meat ingredients that does a nice job of filling you up.  As I was deciding what to make for dinner last weekend, soup came to mind and I found this fabulous little recipe in Cookstr for a broth based wild mushroom soup.  I always enjoy this alternative to something cream-based, as it's easier for digestion and doesn't make you feel so terribly full.

The base for this soup is either a really good quality from scratch or store bought veggie stock or even chicken stock if you're a meat eater.  I used the latter, incorporating a really yummy organic chicken stock, low in sodium.  The mushrooms I used were portobellos, button mushrooms (a form of portobellos) and also the very beautiful looking (almost tree-like) maitake mushrooms.  They're meant to be incorporated in chunks, rather than pureed, so you can actually see their beauty and taste their earthy flavor.  Adding a little more body to the soup, I teared into it some toasted pumpernickel bread, which soaked up the chicken-mushroom liquid nicely and satisfied me to no end.

Here's the simple recipe for this Wild Mushroom Soup, courtesy of Cookstr.

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