Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Cocktails at The Astor Room

Although you know I'm not yet too fond of Astor Room's food, I do adore their drinks and fabulous atmosphere. That's why when I noticed their new summer drinks menu, I was intrigued and excited to share it with you.

What I love most about Astor Room's cocktails in general is the careful way in which they're prepared and the fresh ingredients such as seasonal fruit and fresh herbs that go into them. Each drink is prepared with great precision and involves an element of drama, executed by talented mixologists. I urge you to experience it for yourself.

Here are their seasonal creations - I hope they pique your interest:

Fedora Punch - Jamaican rum, brandy, bourbon, curaçao, simple syrup...$10

Cayo Hueso - Silver rum, fresh mint, demarara...$10

Blood & Sand - Astor Room style. bourbon, cherry heering liquor, sweet vermouth, fresh-squeezed orange juice...$11

‘Side Car’ Named Desire - Bourbon, cointreau, egg white, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup...$9

The Gatsby - Gin, dolin de chambéry blanc vermouth, egg white, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup...$10

Mexican Firing Squad - Silver tequila, home-made grenadine, lime juice, angostura bittters...$10

The Tiajuana - Mezcal, fresh ginger, grenadine, lime juice...$10

Grand Marnier Smash - Grand marnier liquor, muddled mint & lemon juice...$10

The Astor Room - 34-12 36th Street, Astoria NY 11106

N/Q Train to 36th Avenue

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