Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gluten Free and Vegan Friends...Behold the Astor Bake Shop's Cupcakes

Image by The Astor Bake Shop

As my circle of foodie friends expands, I have grown conscious and appreciative of people's special dietary requirements.  That's why I try to take note of food establishments in the nabe that cater to these, such as when they offer a special veggie menu (Ornella for example), vegan or gluten-free items.  Specifically talking about the latter, I was excited when I saw that one of my favorite bakeries in Astoria, The Astor Bake Shop has now added vegan chocolate cupcakes to their menu.  You can see how delicious and fudgy they look (above).  There's also a vegan snickerdoodle I spied on the menu that sounds interesting.

In terms of gluten free goodies, they've been featuring these for quite a while now and if that's a part of your dietary repertoire, you can enjoy their mini flourless chocolate cupcakes, almond macaroons and a chocolate fudge cake. can never tire of chocolate.

Stop by also for their delicious iced coffee, a sea salt lemonade or a gingerade too while you're at it.

Astor Bake Shop - 12-23 Astoria Blvd, Astoria NY 11102


  1. Good to know, Fooditka, that there are choices also for people with dietary restrictions . Thank you.

  2. Specialty shops which offer healthier choices for people of certain dietary restrictions or peculiar food preferences are prevalent nowadays.



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