Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chow Down on Apricot Curry Chicken

As I mentioned earlier, this week was really my opportunity to cook, as I've been missing out on that lately due to my hectic schedule.  So another fun dish I wanted to tell you about was the Apricot Curry Chicken I made the other night and thoroughly enjoyed with some whole wheat cous-cous.  I know what you may be thinking..."it's HOT out there," and while this is true, dishes with a lot of spice are actually quite nice for that, in that they help cool the body down.  Or so they say...

The inspiration behind this dish came from the Indian Food Rocks blog, by way of  Fun stuff! Not only was the recipe easy, but it lent itself to a lot of variations and I took the liberty of taking them.  For example, instead of using each individual spice to create curry flavor, I used a curry spice mix I already had on hand. I know...cheating a bit, but so much simpler, especially for a quick weeknight dinner.  And I also substituted the herbs - from fresh mint to fresh basil from a delicious supply provided by my co-worker, Kanu.  I think she'll appreciate this dish with a slightly tweaked veggie version (tofu maybe). 

I encourage you to take your own creative license with this and enjoy!

Here's the recipe, courtesy of Indian Food Rocks blog. 

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  1. Tofu can also be a healthy addition to the chicken curry.



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