Thursday, July 28, 2011

Avenue Cafe - Ending Off on a Good Note

It's been quite a while since I've visited Avenue Cafe on 30th Avenue, and while a lot of people may think it's not one of Astoria's best hangouts, I happen to love, love, loove their crepes.  After a less than mediocre meal I had with friends, Meg and Mackenzi, at William Hallett, I was so ready to cap off the night in a good way and suggested we go to Avenue for a crepe.  Approval didn't take long to get and on our way we were (across the street) to redeem the pity of a dinner we just had.

When we got there, I wasn't surprised to find it to be loud and a little obnoxious.  I take this place for what it is - a modern, (and a bit tacky) cafe that nevertheless serves wonderful food and coffee.  We zeroed in on the crepe section of the menu and got to pickin'.  It didn't take long for us to decide on a slightly different than the norm crepe, which included pieces of biscotti and hazelnut chocolate sauce (aka Nutella).

Biscotti Crepe - The minute this plate landed in front of us, I could smell the warm, chocolatey scent emanating from it.  It was heavenly and I couldn't wait to take out my camera, snap a speedy pic and dig in.  As I remember from previous experience, it was just as yummy this time around.  The crepe texture was thin, smooth and really light.  I liked that it held its shape nicely and served as a handy pocket for all those crunchy biscotti bits. 

The biscotti was really interesting, as it provided a good juxtaposition between the soft crepe and the crunchy filling.  The hazelnut chocolate sauce helped to moisten it up a bit, as well as the big scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream that rested in the midst of our two crepes.  I loved mixing each bite of the warm crepe with the chilled ice cream - a wonderfully refreshing and at the same time indulgent treat.

Service and Cost:
As is usually the case here, the service was speedy and friendly.  We had no complaints about our waitstaff and although we only ordered a crepe and no beverages, we didn't receive any weird stares or judgements.  This...I liked!

Costs have definitely gone up since the last time I was here, and the crepe we tried was $11 (including a $2 surcharge for the ice cream).  But no matter, I still very much recommend it.

3 Mmmms

Avenue Cafe - 35-27 30th Avenue, Astoria 11106
N/Q Train to 30th Avenue

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