Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Foodista is Coming - Celebrate with Me!


Well readers...the time has come for me to make some necessary changes to this site.  Not to worry, as all the content I provide you will remain, and I hope to step it up a notch too, providing you with even more interesting Astoria and LIC foodie intelligence.  Onward and the saying goes.  Where the change is happening is in my name, as I decided to use a name that's more closely tied to my roots.  I have a feeling you'll like it.

What does this mean for you?
You'll still get to enjoy my latest and greatest Astoria/LIC food news and be amongst the well informed intelligentsia as far as culinary matters are concerned.  And you'll have a new domain name to visit, which I'll make super easy to access.

Now for the really fun part...

I'm throwing a party to celebrate this progressive change, and I'd love to give you the opportunity to attend.  Taking place in a week at 5 Napkin Burger's new private space, you'll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with Queens' finest, indulge in 5 Napkin Burger's signature grub and imbibe to your heart's content.

How do you enter the Foodista re-launch party giveaway?
All you have to do is comment on this blog post and tell me either about your favorite food or drink at 5 Napkin or about your favorite aspect of this blog.

You have until this Friday, June 24th to enter and 3 winners will be announced by this coming Sunday, June 26th.  Please make sure to leave your email in the comments section, so I can contact you directly.

The winners will receive a free entry to the party along with a guest of their choice.  Enjoy, and I hope to see you next week at the big shin-dig.


  1. What I love about this site is that it allows me to find some hidden gems or special party that I would never know about if I did not come to this site. Thanks for all your work! Oh and the Salted Caramel Milkshake is pretty amazing at Five Napkin:)

  2. I love that your reviews are local, honest and filled with excellent
    bits of information. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, I need some 5 Napkin burger with bluecheese and one of their
    Manhattans right away please.

  3. I love their sliders, but the tuna burger is amazing too!

  4. I love that you have made it easier to navigate the food jungle of Astoria and LIC.

  5. I still dream of those lobster roll sliders I had prepregnancy (which I can now have again!)
    Love that you've got your finger on the pulse of 2 of my fave things:food and astoria. Specifically food in astoria.

  6. I love your reviews of local places- I've found some new faves!

  7. As much as the burgers rock my world on their own, I do love the S'mores milkshake. 5 Napkin is all-around incredible.


  8. I like that your blog focuses on restaurants in my neighborhood.

    The dish I really enjoyed at 5 Napkin Burger is the Fried Pastrami & Pickles appetizer!

  9. Jessica H.21 June, 2011

    I love that your reviews are always kind-hearted because you obviously care about businesses in Astoria and LIC. Even if you don't LOVE a place, you are still positive. :) I read your blog for the new places to try in the hood since I trust your opinion as a fellow foodie.

    My fave menu item at 5 Napkin is definitely the Original 5 Napkin Burger and a vanilla milkshake. YUMMY!

  10. I keep coming back to your blog because it makes the Astoria/LIC food scene so much more manageable. I'm not the most adventurous eater, but a number of your posts have prompted me to try things I never would have before!

    So thanks for everything so far, and I'm very excited to hear about what's to come.

  11. I love that you are always up to date on the newest restaurants opening in our neighborhood!

    and oh man, Five Napkin's veggie burger is pretty freaking fantastic...

  12. Their Tuna burger is surprising flavorful!

  13. Bah, I forgot to mention my email is Also, I love that you discovered Queens Kickshaw for me! As a Jackson Heights resident, that place is only a few stops away!

  14. YAY for Queens and YAY for Five Napkin Burger! :) A new site is super exciting!

    esther at ambitiousdeliciousness dot com

  15. I come for reviews, announcements, and specials at new and familiar places that I might not have heard about.

    I too freakin' love the veggie burger! It's soooo good.

    For contact, clayton dot richardson. That is a gmail address.

  16. I also forgot to leave my email address, it is:

    This blog has exposed me to restaurants I wouldn't normally check out. I love the lists of restaurants you compile specifically for upcoming holidays, they are quite helpful!

  17. This blog is one of my main resources for finding food in Astoria. Always informative and always fair!

  18. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    I am fairly new to Astoria and have heard that there are many great eating spots. But who has the time nor the money to try them all? I came across your blog and decided to try a few spots you suggested and you were right on the money! I like to think of your blog as a food guide.Thank you for that! My favorite item at Five Napkin Burger is the fish tacos!!!! Delish!

  19. I read your blog daily and it's just wonderful. I love reading about places I pass everyday and being inspired to visit them-thanks!

  20. Anonymous24 June, 2011

    I need your blog to tell me the dish on all the new restaurants opening all the time in our amazing neighborhood. Also, my favorite thing at 5 Napkin is their Original - simple but delicious!

  21. I love that you review local places. We need more shoutouts to the awesome food we have here in the Astoria area and Queens in General.

    What I love about 5 Napkin...well I blogged about it a while ago



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